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What is holding you back?

Missing out on opportunities, holding back in your love life and lack of financial independence are all signs of low confidence. The list could go on and on. I know because I've been there.

If low confidence holds you back from stepping up and owning every area of your life from health to wealth, from love to life, this video training series is for you!

Read on to find out what you will learn on this journey!

Order today and you will get:

  • Full & instant access to Confidence Unleashed video training: 23 video training sessions with Antti Niittyviita (value: €129)
  • Worksheets that help you bring all that you learn to life: For each video training, you will get a companion pdf sheets that you can even share with friends too (value: €39)
  • As A Man Thinket -book by James Allen: A timeless classic of self-development is now a part of this bundle! (value: €15)
  • Declutter Your Mind -book by Antti Niittyviita: An ebook that helps you organise your brain to beat procrastination for good (value: €19)
  • Declutter Your Mind -worksheet: Worksheet that helps you take the ideas of the ebook into reality (value: €19)
  • AND ACCESS TO ALL THE OTHER COURSE MATERIALS ON OUR SITE (value: 2907€) Other courses available only in Finnish.


ALL THIS FOR ONLY 97€/month!

So quit waiting and start doing! That alone will give you an instant boost in confidence.


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What will you learn?

On the training you'll learn 9 life changing practices that you can teach to anybody in your personal or professional life. And you will get a set of step by step exercises that help you create unstoppable momentum inside of you.

During the course you will learn these among countless other insights:

  • How to identify and eliminate keep your confidence from growing
  • Your past doesn't have to define your future. You'll learn to take ownership of your destiny!
  • Three step process to define what your next level of confidence looks like and how to achieve it
  • Practical methods to instantly boost your confidence where ever you are
  • 9 power rituals to unleash your confidence
  • 5 master steps to transform any area of your life
  • BONUS: As A Man Thinketh ebook by James Allen


Training content

Here is the training content in more detail:

  • EBook: In 30 minutes learn the five steps you need to unleash your confidence.
  • Video Training part 1: Facing the fear of changing
  • Video Training part 2: Defining what true confidence is for you what you need to do to get there. Understanding why people do what they do.
  • Video Training part 3: Identifying your obstacles and how to destroy them
  • Video Training part 4: Nine pillars to unleash your confidence
  • Video Training part 5: Creating rituals that boost your confidence right now and to integrate what you learned into your life


Requirements for you

Before you make a decision about this training, let me share a warning with you.

There are two kinds of confidence that you can train for. If you only seek to appear more confident, this course is not for you! There already are plenty of how-to's to boost your appearance, but this training is different.

...if you are the kind of a person who wants to become confident from within, you're in a right place! So the requirements are simple:

1. This course is not for you if you only want to appear more confident. This course teaches how build inner confidence that will shine through!

2. Bring the authentic you and an open mind. With that, you will learn everything you need during the training!

This training will transform your life profoundly... And once you're done you're loved ones will ask what your secret is...

What is it that newfound confidence that shines through you?!


Who am I: Antti Niittyviita


My name is Antti Niittyviita. Colleagues and friends often describe me as a source of energy in everything that I do. In my books and keynote speeches I shares my story of how I set out on a perilous journey by founding a business at the worst time of the millenium. 

After facing a disaster of both personal and professional live, a single seed of an idea helped both me and the business push through.

”Life and Business are like the season. You cannot change the seasons, but you can change yourself.”

Today, driven by new kind of confidence, I've been able to build a social media following of over 1M people, written 3 books and I'm running a successful business of 35 software professionals.

Over the course of these 15 years the I've had the privilege to meet more than 2500 people in one-to-one discussions about how to create level ups in everything that they do.

My story would have a very different ending without the insights into how to unleash the confidence that is sleeping within everyone.

Now go on and tap that button. Join the ride today!